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Aluminum Buster with Road Work Ahead Reflective Roll-Up Sign
The Aluminum Buster with 48" × 48" Road Work Ahead Reflective Roll-Up Sign
With its all Aluminum construction, the Aluminum Buster resists corrosion and rusting. The telescoping mast, with adjustable rigid or roll-up sign brackets, allow for variable sign height adjustments.

Dual spring mounted base for added stability from passing traffic and during high winds. A two position leg adjustment allows all four legs to be individually adjusted for uneven terrain.

The optional Flag Holder will accept standard ¼" diameter wooden or plastic dowel flags.

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The Aluminum Busters' Step-n-Drop legs
The Aluminum Buster unfolded and locked in place with its Step-n-Drop legs

Lightweight Design

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Aluminum Buster Sign Stand weighs only 28 pounds. The Step-n-Drop® legs minimize exposure time to oncoming traffic and enable stand set-up in seconds without bending over or stooping down.

The Aluminum Buster is designed to hold 30", 36" and 48" aluminum, wood, plastic or roll-up signs.