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Super Buster Sign Stand
Super Buster Sign Stand with a 48" × 48" aluminum sign 7 feet off the ground

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Heavy Duty Construction

NCHRP-350 approved with Roll-Up and Safe Sign-350 Signs at any height and with .080, .100 and .125 Aluminum or ⅝" Plywood signs at 7' bottom height

The Super Buster Sign Stand has a powder coated steel base and two heavy duty springs, designed to withstand strong winds and severe wind gusts created by passing traffic. Both the lightweight aluminum mast and legs telescope for compact storage and site specific adjustments.

The Super Buster can accommodate a 48" × 60" and 48" × 48" or smaller ⅝" plywood signs, or .080, .100 and .125 aluminum, plastic or roll-up signs up to 7' off the ground. The built in Flag Bracket will accept up to three ¾" wooden or plastic dowel flags.

Step-N-Drop Legs on the Super Buster Sign Stand
Super Buster with telescoping mast and legs, which fold for compact transport and storage

Step-N-Drop® Legs

Super Buster comes complete with TrafFix Step-N-Drop leg release system.

A two position leg adjustment allows all four legs to be individually adjusted for uneven terrain. The Step-N-Drop leg release system is also available on all 4 legged sign stands from TrafFix Devices.