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Secure entry with 6' Single Gate and the Water-Wall Fence
Secure entry with 6' Single Gate and the Water-Wall Fence
Keep an area or construction zone private and secure with the new Water-Wall Fence from TrafFix Devices!

The Water-Wall Fence easily retrofits to the TrafFix Water-Wall to create an imposing and secure barrier for unwanted entries. The Water Wall Fence is made from 11 gauge galvanized steel mesh providing excellent security and visibility. Fence sections interlink with TrafFix Water-Wall to provide better overall stability and allows for easy changes in ground height. The TrafFix Water-Wall and Water-Wall Fence can rotate up to 30° for easy layout and encircling of job sites.

The upper end of each T-Pin provides an additional hole for security bolt to secure the fence to the Water-Wall to prevent unwanted entries. There is no need to remove fence to fill TrafFix Water-Wall, fill caps are easily accessible with fence installed. 6' Single or 12' Double Gate provides a secure entrance for workers and vehicles.

Water-Wall Fence T-Pin Connects Wall to Wall and Fence to Fence
Water-Wall Fence T-Pin Connects Wall to Wall and Fence to Fence


The chain link fence will attach to the top of a longitudinal barrier, like the TrafFix Water-Wall, creating additional security for a work zone. The mesh fence will be made of 11 gauge steel, connected to vertical steel posts of 1 ⅝" diameter. Fence sections will be 6' wide × 4' tall. Each fence section shall weigh no more than 42 lbs including the connector T-pin. Each T-pin will extend down through the sections of fence into the knuckles of the TrafFix Water-Wall to securely connect the fence to the wall. Each T-pin shall have a hole at the upper end for a bolt to enhance security. The fence will accommodate a 6' single gate or a 12' double gate for entrance and exit from the work zone. For maximum stability, the TrafFix Water-Wall, filled with water will weigh 1,110 pounds. Overall height of the Water-Wall Fence attached to the top of the TrafFix Water-Wall will be a minimum of 84".

Water-Wall Fence Products

Description Stock # Dimensions
WW Fence Panels 45032-WWF 4' × 6' Wide
6' Single Gate (includes two Gate Attachment Frames) 45032-WWF-GATE6 6' × 6' Wide
12' Dual Gate (includes two Gate Attachment Frames) 45032-WWF-GATE12 6' × 12' Wide
Gate Attachment Frame 45032-WWF-GATT 6' × 12' Wide
T-Pin with Keeper Pin 45032-WWF-CP 6' Length
Water-Wall (White) 45032-W 6' × 32" Tall
Water-Wall (Orange) 45032-O 6' × 32" Tall